In Ancient Egypt, the pyramids were constructed with remarkable precision. Not only are the measurements suggestive of the idea that the culture was aware of the length of a year, but there are also suggestions of astronomical and planetary knowledge, and even wisdom about human health.

These advanced concepts may have been all but completely lost through eons of time. One idea suggests that it wasn’t knowledge, but a power that exists which helped to fuel Ancient Egypt to its multi-millennial reign of greatness.

It was a power that is contained within the shape of the pyramid itself.

How Does Pyramid Power Fit into Pyramidology?

Pyramid power is one of four primary branches of pyramidology that are studied. These are the other three.

  • Metrological. This branch studies hypothetical geometric measurements that may offer information to the observer.
  • Numerological. This branch looks at the passages of the pyramids, their geometric measurements, and other structures that may have encoded messages.
  • Pseudoarchaelogical. This branch looks at the pyramids in a different light, assuming that they were not built to serve exclusively as a tombs.

What makes pyramid power a different branch of pyramidology is that it is based on the shape, not just the structure. If you were to bring pyramid shapes into your home, for example, you would be able to theoretically experience the benefits of this power on a personal level.

Is There Any Truth to the Concept of Pyramid Power?

From a scientific standpoint, there is no evidence that pyramid power currently exists.

There is, however, scientific evidence that placebos do create positive physical and mental impacts on people. In some cases, telling someone that what they are taking will cure them establishes the power to generate a cure, even for cancer.

The same could apply for pyramid power. Some of the assumed properties of this power include enhanced libido, improved creativity, razor sharpening, and food preservation. (I have experienced an experiment of pyramid power for food preservation when I was in high school during the mid-1970s. My Biology teacher began the year telling us about the energy generated within a pyramid structure. He had a small frame-work with about 8-10-inch dimensions. He placed an orange inside the center of the frame-work on his desk at the front of the classroom and said it would remain there for the entire school year. He said at the end the orange would not be decayed and would be still edible. The apparatus remained on his desk unmoved, unchanged, at room temperature for the whole year.

Visual observation showed the outside skin of the orange becoming dryer and a bit leathery, but there was never any sign of decomposition. The last week of school after finals he took the orange out and began to peel the now dry tight skin away. Inside was fresh juicy orange fruit still with the same fresh fragrance and healthy pulp as if it was purchased that same day. A few of the braver students even tasted it and said it tasted just as sweet and good as a brand-new orange. It was a pretty impressive result for many of his students that day including myself. And, I do not know about you, but I have had plenty of oranges go bad and rot in shorter periods of time under refrigeration and modern storage techniques.)

Some believe that the Great Pyramid of Giza was even encoded with specific predictions about what would happen in the future. Events such as the founding of modern Israel, the crucifixion of Jesus, and even the start of the first world war are believed to be etched onto the pyramid. Some pyramidologists also think that the beginning of the final apocalypse has been given a date on the structure.

Why Do People Believe in Pyramid Power?

Although pyramids do not have a power that has been scientifically proven, there are reports of people experimenting with pyramid shapes to produce results in different fields.

In the 1980s, Max Toth and Greg Nielsen worked with pyramids and seed storage. In their 1974 book Pyramid Power, they reported that seeds which were stored in replicas of the pyramids were able to germinate sooner, then grow higher, than seeds not stored in such a way.

With pyramid power, you will either believe that it has a positive impact on your life or that it does not. There is no right or wrong answer here. As mentioned above, there is still a great deal of interest in the theories behind pyramid power with scientists and researchers experimenting to see what secrets may lie within. We have believed and come to use many things we could not see or had not completely understood like solar power and radio waves. Now, those energy sources are in regular use. So, maybe there is something in the power of a pyramid and we still need to search for the methods to use it effectively.