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Hello fellow travelers on this third rock from the Sun, My name is Joanna. I am a 60-year-old gramma and techno dinosaur who is learning “new tricks” working in the cyber world with the new blog site I have spent my adult life watching the world pulled in different directions, advancement of science and technology and the striving to remain basic and simple. Sometimes the results have been good and other times very bad.

A healthy environment encompasses many different things. Yes, it is the world around us, including air and water quality, healthy places to live and grow and harvest our food. We need to look at simple options to health and wellness that may sound strange and different but are quite beneficial. It also includes humanity being decent and kind to each other and every creature in an ever more hostile world.

We all have choices. I choose to promote ordinary people doing extraordinary things. People using their unique skills and talents to find solutions to growing societal and environmental problems. Ways to look at simple and basic things that have been pushed aside for more complex, but often less effective answers.

NHA Provides the Blueprint to Simple Healthy Living.

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Not your average wellness-junkie!

I love a good yoga flow and I may or may not have crystals sitting on my bedside table, but I also believe in nourishing your soul…and
green juice doesn’t count!

I have shifted my belief that healthy living is about extending the years of your life, to instead extending the quality of your life. Life should be about prioritizing your health, but not at the sake of living your life. That’s why I believe in living healthFULLY.

If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.-Martin Luther King Jr.

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