How to Start a Blessing Box


Many small communities do not have a formal food bank to help those who are struggling to make ends meet. To counter the issue of hunger, many communities have started to provide their own micro-sized food banks right in their front yard.

These small food banks are referred to as “blessing boxes.” It is more than a way to help people who are homeless or hungry find something to eat. It is a method of extending the blessings that one person receives to an entire community.

Most blessing boxes are small, wooden structures where people can take or leave donated goods. They are often anonymous donations which help to meet some basic short-term needs for those in the community.

Here Is How You Can Start a Blessing Box Today

If you think that a blessing box is a good idea, then here are some steps to take to begin one in your community.

#1. Pick the right location. Although you could place a blessing box on your property, the best areas are where there is a high level of pedestrian traffic. Talk to your local churches, community centers, and libraries about having a place where people can leave or take food items that are needed. Always ask permission before setting up a blessing box.

#2. Choose the correct container. A simple wooden box is all that is needed for a basic blessing box. Place the box on the stand, give it a door, and you’re ready to do. You will need to make sure that the structure is water-resistant to prevent spoilage.

#3. Promote a variety of items. Blessing boxes often focus on food and rightly so. 20% of the children in the United States, one of the wealthiest countries in the world, live in households which lack food security. Make sure there is enough space for soap, toiletries, and other basics that are needed too. You might even consider adding hangers or a hook to the outside where coats and clothes can be traded.

#4. Ask people to give. Most people like the idea of a blessing box, but that is as far as their action goes. If you ask people to donate items to it, they are more likely to give you a helping hand. Something as simple as a sign on the box which asks people to leave a donation when they can is enough to inspire the trading process.

#5. Start letting people know about your blessing box. Most people will talk about the blessing boxes in their neighborhood. To get those conversations started, try talking to people on social media about the project. Create a page that is specifically for the new blessing box. You can also connect with people on a site like Nextdoor, which is designed to promote social conversations at the neighborhood level.

Blessing boxes make a real difference in the community. It doesn’t cost much to support one, and the help it provides can change a life. If you’re interested in this idea, then follow these steps to begin helping everyone meet their basic needs.